Eye Catching Creative

Effective Facebook advertising combines creativity and information for a powerful web marketing tool.


By utilizing criteria such as lifestyle, employment, age, language, relationship status, and many others, your Facebook Marketing campaign can be tweaked and altered for maximum effectiveness. A highly efficient tool, powered by Facebook’s ripe banks of user data.


Pinpoint your advertisements based upon geographical targeting, allowing your messages unprecedented precision.


Deliver your ads and promotional materials directly to the customers that are most likely to react. Based upon interests and behaviors, your ads will only go to customers that are looking to buy what you sell. You won’t need to search for customers, they will come to you.

Who are you?

Cultivate brand recognition within the vast Facebook audience. Introduce your business and brand while informing; let potential customers know why your services are the most effective.

Build a Loyal Network

Establish an active social circle of customers who will share your messages with friends and family, by spreading news and brand recognition.

The Audience

Facebook allows businesses an enormous pool of customers with a variety of demographics, age groups, and interests. Branch out to new customers, build your relationship with current ones, and groom your presence in the world’s largest social forum with Daily News Digital Solutions Social Media Marketing Services (SMM).

The Purpose

Harness the strength and credibility of word-of-mouth advertising by leveraging social media to generate interest in any deals, specials, or events that your business offers.

The Opportunity

Facebook provides the largest concentration of potential customers available. With well over 800 million users, the wealth of potential for generating interest is on a scale that is truly remarkable.

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