Good-Bye Anchor Text, Hello Co-Citations: New Link Building Techniques for 2013

by: Sandeep Rohilla

A series of Google algorithm updates has changed the way SEOs worked towards link building, content marketing, and traffic conversion.

The Penguin update by Google has changed the link building process completely. Inserting bulk keywords in anchor text, or creating low-quality content with the wrong placement of keywords are the tricks of yesteryear. In order to convert leads into opportunities, following ethical SEO tactics is essential. Using relevant keywords or search engine optimization techniques, you can divert huge traffic (genuine!) towards your website.

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Anchor Text: An old story

Manipulating Anchor Text is easy. SEOs for their interest tweak anchor text to generate revenue by increasing traffic on their websites. Google does not rank or consider links that are built by you. In most cases, self-built links are considered spam, due to their low relevancy rate. Follow ethical SEO methods to generate quality backlinks. Gone are the days when businesses concentrated on link building; now it’s time to concentrate on link earning.

If you have good web presence, genuine sites will definitely provide you with quality links. Google doesn’t want manipulative or self-generated links. Instead, they want to see links from those who liked and decided to give you links simply because of your content and its relevancy. A link with highly optimized anchor text leaves a bad impression on readers and Google. This clearly means that you have generated those through spammy means.

Google revealed a concept called “co-citations,” which may have a huge impact on website’s traffic. Google is relying more on statistical correlations to understand whether a particular website is working in lines with Google’s algorithm changes. It may help them to determine the relevance and influence of that particular site on the web.

How to enjoy ranking with co-citations?

  •     Keep your website updated
  •     Populate your web pages with relevant and unique content
  •     If your content is great, you will get maximum attention on search engine. Your impact on the industry will be judged by the ranking you will get on Google
  •     Generate links from relevant and highly ranked genuine websites.

Genuine content on your website will get attention from genuine people who will post their real comments on your page/post.

How are co-citations more important than anchor text? Why?

It is hard to manipulate or mold co-citations for your benefits. You won’t get better co-citations, unless you have powerful and unique content, which can engage people. Industry experts or genuine people will only circulate content, which they feel is best. So, there is no space for manipulation. If you have unique content on your page, be assured of higher ranking.

Whether it is an end of an anchor text era or will it continue like before, is just the matter of next Google update. Till then stay tuned!

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Sandeep Rohilla

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